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Tommy Shek- 8 Simple Steps for Making a Big Decision in Life

Sometimes, life can feel overwhelming with all the choices you have to make says Tommy Shek.

And what about those times when you are caught in the middle of a Big Decision?

If your mind is swirling, muscles clenched and stomach churning … it can be difficult to ground you and think clearly.

8 Simple Steps for Making a Big Decision in Life might just help you navigate through that experience.

Using The 8 Simple Steps to Make My Big Decision helped me tremendously! I knew exactly where I was during every step and how my emotions were affecting my process. It allowed me to keep myself grounded and focused on making clear decisions.”

1. Stop & Breathe

This might seem obvious, but if you’ve been in the thick of a Big Decision for a while, or have been working on it without success, then your mind and body could be exhausted. So take a moment to stop what you’re doing and focus on your breathing. This gives you a chance to center yourself physically and emotionally.

2. Find Some Space

As much as possible, try to get away from the entire stimulus that made you overwhelmed in the first place. Go outside for some fresh air or find a quiet spot where you can think clearly by yourself. If these aren’t options, put on some calming music, burn incense or take a few minutes with essential oils. You could also read from an inspirational book or listen to an audio recording that will inspire you explains Tommy Shek.

3. Take a Stand

It’s easy to lose you when making a Big Decision, especially if there are pressures or influences on decisions from other people (especially family). No matter how hard it is for you, make sure you’ve taken the time to be completely honest with yourself about what matters most. If it means saying no to something else in your life, then do that. It’s more important than giving into someone else’s wishes just because they’re loudest. This doesn’t mean you need to go against thy will but instead follow your heart.

4. Be With Your Feelings

When we’re struggling through a Big Decision process, it can be difficult not to ignore how we feel. But you need to really tune into your feelings in order to get clarity about the important things that are driving you towards making this decision.

5. Be With Your Thoughts

Thoughts can be just as powerful drivers for behaviors and decisions, so pay attention to them too. This includes not only thinking about what you’re trying to decide on but also those little thoughts that pop up from your subconscious. Noting these down before going further will help clarify those aspects of your Big Decision that may have been slipping through the cracks.

6. Get Some Perspective

Once you’ve started evaluating specific information, it’s time to gather more information from a variety of sources. The easiest way to do this is by asking questions which help you discover the pros and cons for each aspect of your Big Decision says Tommy Shek. Pick people who are honest with you, not just those who will agree with what you want to hear. Another way to gather information is by looking at statistics or doing research on that particular decision.

7. Notice Your Intuition

As part of your evaluation process, look out for signs from your intuition so you can act on them as soon as possible. Listen closely to what pops up in your head about this decision because it’s more than likely accurate if it’s bubbling up during this time! Furthermore, taking notice of where your intuition comes from (your heart or gut feeling vs external sources) is helpful for knowing which direction to go in when making a choice between two or more options.

8. Trust Yourself

After much consideration, it’s time to make a choice and go with it! This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to do an occasional course correction if your decision isn’t working out the way you’d expected says Tommy Shek. But when in doubt, follow what feels right for you because in the end this is about making choices that will benefit your own life path.

My Big Decision was here:   “I want to make a career change.” My main concern is financial stability and making sure my family is okay if I made such a big leap of faith. Is there any advice on how to get around that?


The best thing you can do is think clearly about what it is that makes you happy in your current position. Is it the challenge of the work itself? A certain co-worker or boss? The paycheck? What would make you most fulfilled in a new job and what are some ways to get this with another company if necessary.