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Tommy Shek – Disadvantages of Marriage

Disadvantages of Marriage

Are you planning to get married? Are you worried about the pros and cons of it? While marriage has a lot of advantages, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages as well.

According to Tommy Shek,  if you are a person who does not like consistency in life, marriage may just not be for you at the moment. With marriage comes a lot of responsibilities and changes that you need to undergo.

Here are some disadvantages of marriage, according to Tommy Shek.

A Repetitive Rut – Tommy Shek

When you are getting married to a person, you should be able to see yourself with them for the rest of your life. Seeing them over and over, every single day of your life. You may be having lots of repetitive arguments, unresolved conflicts and bickering sessions that you can not end.

With constant problems overtaking your life, it may often seem as if you are stuck in a repetitive rut – unable to let go and unable to do anything about it. It can sometimes be very hard to do so, according to Tommy Shek.

You Feel A Lack Of Individuality – Tommy Shek

According to Tommy Shek, when you are living on your own, you feel empowered and independent. You feel like you rule the world or at least your house. You can bask in the goodness of freedom – want to pop in at 2 am on Saturday – no problem! With marriage, there are many things that you need to settle before you can take time out for everything.

Especially when you have kids, you can see that you are slipping into a p[attern of monotonous chores every day without barely making any time for yourself. You are thinking of what everyone else wants while cutting yourself slack.

Conflicts In The Family – Tommy Shek

When you are a married couple, you are now a part of the family for both of them. This can lead to a lot of unresolved issues and problems. You may have a problem with your overbearing mother-in-law, or you may feel a bit insecure due to the presence of a mega-rich sister of your wife.

Something as small as her sending you expensive gifts and you not being able to return the gesture can result in a lot of senseless bickering between the couple.

With a huge family, you may be running into a lot of conflicts that may take a toll on you.

Getting Married is Expensive – Tommy Shek

If you do not know this till now, then you should! Getting married is not a piece of cake. It involves a lot of finances which can take a toll on your finances too. With the venue, menu, photoshoot, cake, invites, dress, etc, – the wedding can be an expensive party to plan!

You may have a lot of arguments with your spouse over finances. There may be things that one considers to be extravagant while the other thinks that it should be done. With many decisions to make, one or two huge fights around the wedding plan may be a given.

Final Thoughts

So, while marriage can have a lot of advantages, it is important to know that it has your fair share of disadvantages too!