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Tommy Shek – 4 Fun Games To Play On a Family Game Night

Family Game

Families that have a game night can be seen to have a better bond than the ones that don’t. With a game night, you can all get together and enjoy some time with your family. With that, you can forget a lot of troubles and enjoy some quality time with the people that you love – the people that you call your family.

According to Tommy Shek, there are many games you can play on game night. If you are bored of playing the same games again and again, here are some ideas that can really elevate your experience of game night.

1.   Tommy Shek Suggests Balloon Tennis

Do you like playing tennis? According to Tommy Shek, you can now play balloon tennis in the backyard of your house. For this, you just need a bunch of balloons and tennis rackets. So, what you can do is that you blow up a couple of balloons and then form two teams.

Stand on two opposite corners and start swatting the balloons from here to there. This can go on and on until you like – or somebody wins. You can keep up a scoreboard to make this game more fun and entertaining.

Set up a few rules, like when a team does not swat the balloon, the other one gets the point etc.

2.   Tommy Shek Suggests Indoor Hopscotch

You can now take up the modern version of hopscotch and play it inside. For this, you need some coloured tape and also a pair of scissors.

Go to an area that is not clustered and then make the arrangement with the coloured tape – you can use it to make six to eight boxes. If you have more space, you can also add more squares and make the game more entertaining and challenging.

3.   Tommy Shek Suggests Indoor Bowling

According to Tommy Shek, you can really enjoy a family night with indoor bowling. For this, you can take up to around ten empty plastic water bottles. When you are done with it, you can arrange them in the shape of a triangle. The setting of this would be with one plastic bottle in the first row, two bottles in the second row, three in the third row and four plastic bottles in the fourth row.

Once you have set the bottles, you can now bowl and enjoy indoor bowling with your family.

4.   Tommy Shek Suggests Paper Plane Contest

According to Tommy Shek, if your child is portraying an interest in aerodynamics, then this is a game that you should definitely incorporate into your game nights. For this game, you need some letter-sized paper. You can pass around these papers, and everyone can make an aeroplane from them.

When you are done making the paper aeroplanes, you can launch them up from one corner of the house. The aeroplane that goes the longest distance will win the game.

Final  Thoughts

These are some games that you should definitely try on the game nights. They can increase the level of fun that you have on your game nights.