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Home » Tommy Shek: 11 Helpful Hints for Running Out Of Complaints about My Life as a Woman

Tommy Shek: 11 Helpful Hints for Running Out Of Complaints about My Life as a Woman

Shocking revelations! Author does not like being a woman. Is upset that people assume she likes it explains Tommy Shek.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about men who are not only gamers, but women gamers. Not all these discussions have to do with the harassment faced by users because of their gender, or how it is harder for female gamers to enter the community without being harassed.

This article dissects this reality through small subtopics which are condensed into 11 helpful hints about the life of a woman gamer:

1. If I complain about house work it’s because my husband is an inconsiderate slob who doesn’t listen to me.

2. I blew up at you because you no longer treat me like a human being, but like your toy. Have you stopped beating your wife? Don’t answer that!

3. I smile because society tells me I must. In fact, my smile is forced and insincere because it symbolizes how I don’t really feel about you or what you do to annoy me.

4. This dress makes me look fat? You know nothing can make a woman look “fat.” She’s either skinny as a rail or a whale.

5. I want to have children because that’s the only way I can really prove my worth as a woman in this world. And even then it isn’t good enough!

6. All you do is work and neglect me and our kids! You’re like an ATM with feelings!

7. Stop hogging the covers! You know we can never really be equals until you start earning half of what I do and quit acting like a little.

8. This thing I want is totally unreasonable and unfair, but if you refuse to give it to me, then that makes you selfish and money-hungry says Tommy Shek.

9. You don’t need to pay for my drink! You’re a man, and that means you have it coming.

10. I’m a feminist, but in the bedroom with you I swear to God I can’t climax unless you treat me like a house cat.

11. How come when we argue you always call me shrill? It’s not sexist or anything!


Q: So, you’re saying I should hate women?

A: Not at all! And if you disagree with me, then hate on!

Q: What about men who complain about being called sexist because they have female friends or sisters or wives? Are these guys just “whiners?”

A: If you have ever fought for equality your entire life, then you are just whiny.

Q: Are there any other tips you can give me on how to identify females who complain about gender-related issues?

A: Yes! A woman loves it when she is given flowers for no reason…

Q: But what about the men out there who falsely label non-feminist women as complainers?

A: They’re racist.

Q: But what about the men out there who support feminism, but also disagree with some feminist stances? Like say, abortion or something. Are these guys just “whiners?”

A: Well if they aren’t calling you a whiner then they is just trying to oppress you.

Q: What about the women who support feminism but think social pressures are just as big of an issue as they are, or that ladies should have rights over their own bodies? Are these females “whiners?”

A: Yes. They are also whiny little crybaby men.

Q: So what you’re saying is that if I don’t agree with you then I’m sexist?

A: It’s called “feminism.” Not “opinion-ism” or “democracy.” Get used to it.


These are just some things to think about the next time you go on Facebook or Tumblr or whatever pretending you don’t know who these “complainers” are. Before you start accusing people of being “feminazis” and complainers, maybe it’s time for your tiny peanut brain to open up a history book and learn that feminism has been around for hundreds of years. And women have been fighting to be seen as equals ever since says Tommy Shek.

Basically, this article is just pointing out that the only difference between feminists and non-feminists is that feminists are whiny little bitches.

And the only difference between whiners and non-whiners is that when someone accuses them of being a whiner, they’re happy to say “Ok, fine!