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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Tommy Shek

Social media allows businesses to develop brand recognition and stay in touch with their target markets. Other than that, you can use social media to create awareness about your offering, and even establish yourself as an industry authority.

However, the vast number of social media platforms can make it hard for entrepreneurs to choose the right one(s) for the business. For such businesspeople, this Tommy Shek blog will cover a few ways of choosing the right social media platforms.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform:

Considering Your Audience:

According to Tommy Shek, when it comes to social media marketing, audience is definitely the most important factor. Nothing else – including the size of your audience – will be of value if your target audience is not active on your chosen platforms. For instance, Facebook might have more active users than any other platform but, if your target market is more active on Instagram, Tommy Shek says that that is where you need to be. 

By learning about the platforms that are most used by your target audience, you will be able to produce relevant, resonating content. Segmenting the target market into different personas is a vital part of successful social media marketing.  

 Having said that, an average internet user has eight social media profiles/accounts, which is why you should also consider other factors when deciding on the social media platforms for your business.

Defining Your Social Media Goals:

An important part of your marketing strategy is the goals that you hope to achieve through social media. Examples of such goals could be:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Enhancing interaction with target market
  • Driving attendees for a particular event that you are planning

Establish the primary purpose of your content. Tommy Shek suggests mixing up high-quality and original content with the occasional promotional post or two. 

Using your social media targets, come up with measurable and specific goals that you can aim for. Setting realistic, practical goals increases the likelihood of achieving them. They will not only hold you accountable, but also allow you to use your marketing budget optimally.

Analyzing Your Competitors:

A competitive analysis is should be at the top of your list while preparing a social media strategy for your business. This analysis can provide a number of valuable insights, including:

  • The platforms that your competitors use the most
  • What is working (or not working)
  • The degree of audience engagement on each platform

Although Tommy Shek does not think that you should do something solely because a competitor is doing it, knowing what other brands in your space are up to can help you make informed decisions.

Final Word:

Effective social media marketing has become non-negotiable for any company looking to survive and thrive in the modern business environment. We hope that the above tips by Tommy Shek will help you identify the right platforms for your particular business.